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Travel Grants and Awards

Distinguished Merit Award

The Distinguished Merit Award is offered once every two years in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the international advancement of the science and art of cancer nursing.

Nomination Criteria

  • The successful nominee will be a professional nurse who has made a significant and innovative contribution to cancer practice, education, research, or management at an international level.
  • This contribution should go beyond that which would be normally expected of a professional nurse in his/her particular sphere of professional endeavor.
  • The award is not designed to recognize long and faithful service by a cancer nurse in the practice of his/her profession.
  • A higher degree (e.g. Masters or PhD) or other academic attainment is not a pre-requisite for nomination and selection.
  • The nominee for the award must hold an appointment for which a nursing qualification is required or for which such a qualification is relevant.

Up to 2 nominees may be selected for the Distinguished Merit Award if warranted.

Past Presidents’ Award

This award was given for the first time at the biennial conference of the ISNCC in the year 2000. It is given in recognition of a cancer nurse from a low or middle income country who has initiated and sustained a program of cancer care in her/his country/region which has been in place for three or more years and has the potential for replication or adaptation beyond the country/region’s borders.

The recipient of this award:

  • Should be a cancer nurse from a low or middle income country.
  • Has initiated in her/his country a program of cancer care in the arena of cancer education; cancer prevention, early detection and/or screening; nursing care of patients with cancer including palliative care; and/or the development of cancer related health policy.
  • Has provided evidence of sustaining the program for three or more years.
  • Presents evidence of outcomes achieved.
  • Has developed a program of cancer care which can be replicated or adapted in other countries.

Robert Tiffany Lectureship

This lectureship was created to keep alive and honour the memory of Robert Tiffany, founding member and first President of the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care. Robert Tiffany was the initiator of the Biennial International Conference on Cancer Nursing. Robert Tiffany was an inspiration to many nurses around the world and the intention of the named lecture is to honour those who have a similar capacity to inspire cancer nurses of today and of the future and advance cancer nursing globally.

Nomination Criteria

The successful nominee will be a professional nurse who has the capacity to inspire others towards excellence in cancer care. They will be recognized as a leader in cancer nursing in their own country and, preferably, at a regional or international level. Importantly they will be an acknowledged as a person capable of delivering an inspirational lecture, in English, on a topic relevant to cancer nursing.

The successful nominee will be expected to present a lecture of high professional standard to an international audience and a paper for ISNCC’s dissemination.

Nominations Period Closed April 30, 2023. Recipients will be notified by mid-June.

ICCN 2023 Travel Grants are also available. Learn more below.

Travel Grants Program

The travel scholarship program has been established to further the mission and vision of the ISNCC to foster the development of cancer nursing internationally. The travel grants program particularly focuses on supporting our mission and vision in low and middle resource countries. Travel grant recipients will share their experiences and newly acquired knowledge with colleagues following attendance at the International Conference on Cancer Nursing.


In preparation for the conference on cancer nursing support is sought from a wide range of sponsors to fund a travel grants program. The purpose of the travel grants is to enable nurses from low and middle resource countries to attend the International Conference on Cancer Nursing and to participate in ISNCC meetings and activities. The travel grants normally support travel, accommodation, and registration for the conference. Priority for the awarding of grants will be given to nurses who:

  • Are invited or who have had an abstract accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Cancer Nursing.
  • Represent national cancer nursing societies that are members of ISNCC.
  • are seeking to establish a national cancer nursing society in a country or region where such a society does not yet exist.


During the conference, scholarship recipients will be expected to:

  • Attend the ISNCC business meeting (held as part of the conference proceedings)
  • If appropriate, attend the Council of Members meeting at ICCN. Attendance at this meeting would be a requirement for nurses supported specifically as representatives of their national cancer nursing society.
  • Attend other events as invited by the ISNCC President

After the conference, scholarship recipients will be expected to:

  • Contribute to a blog sharing her/his experiences and plans
  • Share the information and experience with other nurses in their country and/or region

Application Period Closed April 30, 2023. Recipients will be notified by mid-June.

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